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Our Story

Founded in 1998, GSF Woodworking is a family-owned and operated design and build studio and woodworking shop near Denver NC. We serve the Charlotte Metro, Lake Norman areas and surrounding counties. Building custom cabinets and countertops for residential and commercial properties and building custom furniture has been the mainstay of our business for many years. Recently we’ve expanded our services to include the design and build of custom and rustic furniture with a focus on sustainability.

Our wood

We air dry our wood after it is sawn. The wood air drys for about one year to 18 months, depending on the species, then it goes into the solar kiln for final drying before it is put into production.

Tree sawing on site

The solar kiln

A solar kiln, made from recycled glass panels, is used to gently speed up our drying time in an environmentally friendly way. The kiln produces “slow, sun-dried wood.”

Log moving and retrieving

The sawmill

We have our own portable sawmill on site to saw large logs. Additionally we are partners with a band saw mill and sell slabs. More information about that service is coming!

Slabs from tree

Scott Farmer

Scott, our designer, craftsman & business owner, attended East Carolina University for commercial design, CPCC for Architectural Technology, and Penland School of Crafts for furniture design, Scott brings with him years of building, carpentry, and design experience.

Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams

Kim Wallis

Kim, our marketing and research staff, has been in the graphic design business since the 1990s, with degrees from NC State and UNC Charlotte.